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ABOUt (the site)

Hi yall.

My name is emily and i like to share things. actually i kind of love it.
and this site is where i go to do it, since:

so i made this. truth be told, my html/css skills are also not flexible enough to organize shit the way i want... but im getting there.

This site mostly functions as a blog but sometimes i go ham and make stand-alone pages on a single topic. You *can* weed through the blog a bit and find some of these separate pages that aren't on the official menu (or you can check the UPDATE POTATO, which admittedly doesnt get updated all that often) but! in case you are new, here is what i have so far:


Page Description
3D virtual gallery documenting obsession with documenting garbage in Taipei.
Cassette 1: Videos of me eating the rarest Lays, Dorito, & Pringles flavors
Cassette 2: Sketchbook tours
You've learned about me, now its time for me to learn about you!
a dozen or so questions for you to fill out and show off your impeccable taste and spill your darkest secrets
My monthly updates; in chronological order.
DUmp Weekly round up of stuff ive stumbled across
LinkS other Neocities sites im a fan of; online resources for bootleggers and cyber scammers
Humantooth Cyber Fun Times Media Library
the latest and greatest in free ebooks, essays and short stores. hand-picked and ready to download in PDF format.
Cricut Project file downloads.
4jobs catching up on my workload a few months ago
Life Through A Dog's Eyes editorial archive of Taiwanese photographer Yeh Ching-fang, as featured in ACT Magazine, Oct. 2013
Ai Good Times my personal theory to counteract AI Doomerism
home for my video series The Sex Robot Show. Initially based on interviews conducted while researching my thesis, the series has expanded to cover various aspects of the sex tech industry's coming future. The site contains video links, resources and more.
a faithful recreation of child-loving ingénue trick daddy's 1998 www.thug.com album cover into a fully functional website
Tutorial site and resource guide for the Retroid Pocket 2+, a retrogaming handheld, capable of supporting pre-NES consoles on through to Playstation 2, Dreamcast and GameCube

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