From 2017 to the beginning of 2020, i lived in Taiwan while pursuing a Masters Degree in Futures Studies at Tamkang University in Tamsui, an outer "suburb" of Taipei*. But what I was really pursuing was eating every special edition of Lays potato chips that came out during my stay. This was my attempt at documenting that process while approaching deadlines like an extreme sport.

I know these videos are shit quality, they were all spur of the moment decisions made in the middle of the night, that i would record on the hand-me-down macbook air i was lucky enough to have accompany during my stay on the island. My editing is even worse, but i treasure these clips, because they remind me of a very strange and happy time in my life, where I had nobody to speak english with besides myself, while eating weird potato chips and giving myself bad haircuts.

*Even the suburbs of Taipei are a cyberpunk fantasy, and I was on the 10th floor of an 11-story building, constantly evading mopeds, claw machine parlours, dogs wearing sunglasses and foodcarts decked out in LEDs on the way home