Ive mentioned this Adrian Tchaikovsky 'Children' series before, and having read the third entry, I am fully convinced that if someone were to pick it up it could easily be the next star trek. Each book reads like a season, with a different theme and situations that play out like episodes, and in that regard it reminds me a lot of Star Trek Discovery in particular.

I also got into this older-ish manga called Blame! Its set in an expansive mechanical cyberpunk world, mostly barren and devoid of nature, but full of gory conflict and ultraviolence whenever characters run into each other. Its kind of like Dark City meets The Divine Farce, but with better (or any) clothing. Im biased to like it with violence being my very favorite thing in comics and cyberpunk being my favorite kind of world-building. fuck nature. fuck castles.



All strong issues this month, with Art in America's redesign as a huge improvement. I dont know if this was it's intention but i find the magazine a lot more accessible, stepping away from the hoity toity Art World it seemed to serve. Like, it no longer feels like theyre looking down their nose at you.


The Wave /5 Stars
Justin Long and the dude from scrubs thats also in clueless star in a chaotic, psychedelic jaunt about a drug that doesnt exist and insurance policies.
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Ideal Home /5 Stars
Paul Rudd (another guy from Clueless!) and Steve Coogan become reluctant gay grandpas when a young boy that loves Taco Bell shows up at their Santa Fe home.
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