i finally finally finally got an inkjet printer after years of going without, and thus passing on all manner of craft ideas that floated into my head like iron ons and stickers. I ended up finding a Epson Ecotank 2760 on letgo for a cool hundo. The dude who sold it to me also threw in a full set or replacement ink bottles to boot. However, i failed to read the fine print in the ad which stated it hadnt been printing correctly and was probably in need of repair.
Undeterred and perhaps a bit overconfident I took the thing completely apart after confirming that it was failing to print some colors entirely and the ones that did make it through were a fine mist. I watched a few repair videos, put on some gloves and with my hoarder's stash of syringes and tubes i was originally gonna use for a pneumatic analog cardboard robot arm, i managed to remove the hoses clear them and siphon the ink through the buffers, and now she's working like a charm.
What I like about this printer is first and foremost the ink delivery, because it uses fluid instead of those bullshit cartridges not only can i get a lot of saturated prints before having to refill, im not chained to having to order replacement ink from Epson. Third party ink is as low as $7USD on amazon which is unbelievably cheap compared to cartridges from companies like HP, that demand replacement before they are even emptied.
Second is the paper-loading. I dont know what this configuration is called but basically the paper isnt pulled up and folded over and lays flat on its journey through the printer, so I can print on heavy duty paper like watercolor paper if i wanted to. Sometimes I want to paint without actually having to draw anything so I can make myself a coloring page of sorts.

created two subreddits which i immediately abandoned:

upgraded my retroid from a 2+ to a 3+, its sleeker and better equipped to handle PS2 games. I ended up gifting the 2+ to henshaw and spent the past week loading it with Kaizo patches for Super Mario World. As a result of all this Im probably going to revive my retroidnoobs project with a full tutorial on adding romhacks and patches.

Been having a lot of weird dreams and conversations about generative AI, some of which manifested in ai.html, outlining a theory on why techno-billionaires are actually afraid of AI. Im thinking of making a sister page on the whole debate surrounding generated art, and how digital artists are trying to gatekeep art and image making, while using the copyright and training content issues as a cover.

Holy shit have i seen the light with notion. Im a huge fan of stationery and notebooks and thats translated into my digital life with productivity apps. As long as there is a free tier im going to download it. but i never understood why notion got so much hype until I watched a video where someone was using the desktop version; I mostly use productivity apps for capturing wild thoughts and making lists i'll need on my phone when I go somewhere. Since my revelation Ive not only organized all my assets for the various projects im working on and begun cataloging my vast library of ebooks, ive begun organizing my own religion.