I am older than ive ever been and the youngest Ill ever be and at the happiest ive been. not happy in a ludicrous, thrilled burst of joy that Disneyland tries to sell tickets to. You could say i am brimming with contentment. I could say. I am saying. Life is good. I catch it mostly in the moments when im switching from one task, engagement or project to another. I have the majority of my needs met, I have some (though not that much) money, I have people all across the world that have decided to rely on me, and i have people in my daily life that ask me for help, which am happy to oblige. My life feels like when you go into a dressing room to try on this really cool garment you found for a shockingly decent price and then discovering it looks AMAZING on you. it makes you look forward to being you.

If this all sounds saccharine, sickly and sweet, im sorry and i hope its because you are also content and dont see whats the big deal. I know a few people that are well off, or just not depressed, which seems to be the baseline these days if the quality of memes are any indicator. Memes used to be some animal surrounded by heavy outlined impact text saying something goofy in a phonetic accent, now theyre all cringe-absurdist or self-effacing, at least the ones I get sent. But then again we are all experiencing a different internet, uniquely tailored to our personal data and online behaviors And yet, it seems that all that personalization seems to be producing the same effect.

Ok. Hi. This is kind of running off the tracks. May was fine. May was great.