Setting Israel and his landlord share a property at the end of a cul-de-sac at the very top of a winding hill. It is difficult to get to and even harder to walk to, my neighborhood connects to his via a footpath-type bridge thing. So while it is a half block away, you would have to get on the freeway to drive from one house to another. The landlord lives in the main house with his girlfriend and Israel lives in a smaller one bedroom in the back.

The Story
So the other night, around 2:30/3:00 am, Israel gets woken up by Chola barking and growling at something outside. The place he lives has a lot of wildlife running through it, so he figures its a racoon or something. He doesnt let her out, falls back asleep and when he gets ready to leave for work around 7am he runs into his landlord, who is returning from the gym. The landlord is yoked AF and goes to the gym everymorning at 4AM (which is insane), meaning he get's ready to leave... around 3:00am (which is more insane).
As he's passing by, the landlord stops Israel and tells him "We need to set up those security lights I was talking about..", to which Israel responds, "Why, did something happen last night? Chola woke me up because she heard something, but I figured it was just an animal or something."
And this is what the landlord says... "Last night around 2:30am I heard a tap at the window, like a little rock hit it. I needed to get ready soon so i didnt think anything of it, but when I got up at 3am I heard it again. After I get ready I hear actual tapping and see a man standing in front of my window gesturing at me to go to the front door. I walk around to the door and he's standing there smiling ear to ear. I ask what he wants and the stranger holds out a piece of paper and says,
'I drew something for you.'
And I tell him to put it down on the floor. He does, but he's still standing there, just smiling. So I tell him he has to leave, but he doesn't. He just keeps standing there, smiling. Finally after an uncomfortable amound of time he leaves, and I pick up the paper."

On the paper is a drawing of the landlord, naked. like he was watching him get ready and drew him. on the back of the paper is a name, kind of a phone number (it's missing two digits) and the phrase 'I NEED TO COME BACK'.

Yesterday (July 4th) he DID come back, this time in the afternoon, saying he's an artist and needs to paint him. The landlord told him he needed to kick rocks and never come back again but we'll see.
Also two nights prior , after the security lights were installed, they went off in the middle of the night and Chola had woken Israel up growling again. He had set the lights to go off at a height level of a human adult, so animals wouldnt trigger it. He went out and looked around but didnt see anyone, but the next morning one of their fences had been pushed down like someone was trying to get over it.