Have you ever wanted to make your real life look more like a website?

Specifically, my website? Now you can decorate your sketchbook, laptop, and lunchpail with the Humantooth Sticker Set!

We, being me, at my website understand the very real condition that is fear-of-sticker-commitment (FSC), which can leave its victims paralyzed and their sticker sheets untouched, because they cannot seem to find the ideal placement for a sticker. That's why we being me are giving you TWO SHEETS of stickers, one to keep or give to a friend (or dog?) and the other to go nuts with.

The sticker set also includes your very own holonoodle and two bonus mystery decals!

Shipping is currently set up (and FREE) for US/CAN/MEX, if you would like intl shipping email humantooth@protonmail.com and a rate can be determined.

Sticker Giveaway Contest for Neocities users! See How to Enter below!!

I will be giving away a sticker set to one lucky Neocities user* that can identify where all 30 stickers on the sheet are located throughout my site.

-~* Rules *~-
  1. Contest will be open throughout the month of August.
  2. Use the guide below and write the image filename or page extension for each sticker.

    ie 9 bfly.gif or 9 index.html

    (I did that one for you as a freebie since its my favicon so it would be tough to spot and find up the filename without pulling up my source code). Note: Some stickers are part of a larger image!
  3. If less than 5 people enter, the sticker set will go to the first person that comments correctly, if more than 5 people enter, I will choose a name at random
  4. In either case, the winner will be contactes via neocities, through a comment and your profile, and an announcement on mine.
  5. Afterwards I will gather your shipping details.
  6. Open to users worldwide.

go to my neocities profile page
leave a comment identifying all 30 stickers, using the guide on the right (Click img to enlarge)
Follow me if youre not already (not required, but nice)

* Why Neocities users only?
Even if you could figure out a way to leave a comment on my profile without having a Neocities account, I wouldn't have a way to notify non-users without having to collect email addresses with each entry. Plus its nice to celebrate my fellow HTML goblins :)
It did occur to me that people could just copy the answers from another entry, but the entry being copied could have wrong answers, and Im really not that worried about it. I mean, its a sticker giveaway, its not that serious.