Everyday since the new year started I've been working on making videos for my youtube channel, The Sex Robot Show, a project that was based on my thesis. A few days ago, i got yeeted the fuck off the platform. It was really disorienting. At first, I didnt even react; a few days later telling myself I should be happy that it happened sooner rather than later. Tons of people were sending their condolonces, and suggestions to just make another account. But if the whole thing could come crashing down at a moment's notice, and the content certainly wasn't going to change, it just wouldn't be worth the constant stress wondering if all my hours editing would wind up for nought.
And when I say i got yeeted, i mean Im the baby in a Joan Cornelia painting. I cant even view youtube links people send me. I am banished. BA-NEESHED. banĂ­sche™-ed. And it's just not worth the effort.

So I've been looking into other platforms, and trying to take it as a blessing in disgusise. While I was getting tons of great feedback, and views faster than I expected, I was a long way off from youtube's monetization goals. I've found an alternative called Odysee that puts content on the blockchain and allows creators to start earning immediately. Obviously the reach is a lot smaller, but it might be a chance for me, to be, in the immortal words of Ice Cube, a big fish in a small pond.

. Im also taking all my weird editing energy and throwing it into making this website for myself.


the video that got me kicked off youtube.

Inside the Disturbing ~and hilarious~ World of NSFW GPT2 | Using GPT-2 and GANs to Generate Adult Content.

HELLA NSFW! Mature Audiences Only!

White Futures and Visceral Presents,
RoboCop and P-Funk

Theory for the World to Come-
Speculative Fiction and Apocalyptic Anthropology
by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer

Click here to read the PDF, or Left-Click and 'Save Linked Content..' to download

fun little essay I found comparing two portrayals of the future, from the past, with different racial perspectives: the rigid, automated and corporate controlled future of an overwhelmingly white Detroit in Robocop vs the super sexy space cadet vibes of George Clintons lyrics. Not bad. Easy and fun to read.

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