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You will find this title on the lowest tier of Shelf 1 by clicking the skimask mannequin head.

Dont miss the Troublemaker's Nook if youre looking for new summertime activites. Topics include lockpicking, psychedelic recipe guide and murder (or at the least, aggressive poking).

As always, all titles are free, however for a limited time only, you can share the Humantooth Hotglue Library with your least favorite aunt's most active facebook group to receive up to 10% off.

Humantooth Theater presents: Duckman

Season 1.

Season 2

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Season 4

Life through a Dog's Eyes

Years ago, i was at my favorite bookstore in Taipei, the main eslite branch, and i picked up a local contemporary art magazine. I couldn't read it, and still can't today, having lived there for a few years during the time in between. Since it was printed locally it was astoundingly cheap (180NT ~ $6USD), which was worth the price for this single photo feature from a Taiwanese photographer with the same surname as my mother's family. That fun fact aside, his love for dogs, and very Daido style made me think he was a kindred spirit. Anyhoo, i thought i should scan it and share these images with a wider audience. Im also working on translating the accompanying article.


Child-size Robot cat girl waifu with object tracking and Linux OS
Do problematic cat girl robots dream of electric penguins?

June O5, 2O22

Sorry i havent updated this shit in a minute, i've devoted all my free braincells to defeating Toe Jam & Earl: Panic on Funkatron. I need to protect my people from the humans that have invaded our land.

hey folks.

So for the past few days [or weeks? time is?] ive been pretty engrossed in a new project- building out a beginner's guide to the Retroid Pocket 2+, a handheld for retrogaming i ordered and FINALLY arrived. Basically its like a gameboy for everything from old school nintendo to playstation 2, including dreamcast and n64. It's kind of the shit (i played Toe Jam and Earl: Panic on Funkatron at the DMV yesterday), but it takes awhile to configure in order to run so many different consoles*, and most guides out there assume a bit of working knowledge when it comes to emulation and retrogaming in general.

I think its a holdover from my manic video editing style, that allows me to really go to town on multi-day single projects in a way that i've never been able to tap into before, besides the final hours of a paper being due, or a alternative press expo i had it in my head to have a zine ready for. so, thats where i've been, not even bothering to finish the last season of 90 day fiance or start the lastest one to boot. Im a changed person. wasting all my free hours and finishing work early in order to make a hyper-kawaii digital guide to an obscure tech gadget that only a few people have ever heard of, and of that set, even less will have a need for a beginner's guide like the one im making.

You know how when people who do arts or writing, but arent artists or authors, say some corny dramatic shit like "if only one person finds meaning in my work, then that's enough for me."? I'm kinda there, but its more like if this guide helps 36 people save time on set up, that would be.. neat? Putting it on paper really makes it sound like a stupid time investment, just like the sex robot show- trading off dozens of hours of free labor to produce something only a smattering of folks might truly care for. But in both cases, i think the driving force isn't even audience, if im being honest, its making something that i wished had existed and knowing that it doesnt makes it super-easy to go gung-ho; that is, making the guide i wish i had when configuring my retroid, or consolidating the research i expected to be connected while researching my thesis. And in both cases im learning little skills, like how to use style sheets effectively or make animations in AfterEffects.

Anyhoozles, ill link the new site to this one when i finish (obviously), until then, have you seen the neato links page I made? there's some cool homepage buttons for other sites like this on neocities.

May 18, 2O22
*sneaky peeky


Three for the price of free, in celebration of the Humantooth Hotglue Library grand opening!
We have for you today,
The FBI's file on Ol Dirty Bastard a fun artifact that will repeatedly evoke images of federal agents, headphone on the shoulder, listening to deep cuts from their surveillance van. Fun extra: In researching a graphic to use for the cover I also found this sick silver gelatin print in the Smithsonian Institute archive, that will outlive us all.
Dismantling the Master(s) Clock(work Universe) an essay from one of the Queens of Afrofuturism, winner of the astronimcally honorable CERN (yes THAT CERN) Artist in Residency program, and founder of Black Quantum Futurism, Rasheedah Phillips.
MORPHO Fat and Skin Folds for the Artist a straight forward guide to drawing non-boring bodies. Step right up and step your game up and dont forget to bookmark the new Library site, so you wont have to scroll through my site to get to all the freebies in the future.


watch link

Episode 3: The Future of Cybersecurity in The Sex Tech Industry: Hacking Sex Robots
Runtime: 19min

Episode Resources

After i got canned from youtube this episode spent a few months collecting digital dust while i doubted whether it would be worth it to continue. Luckily I had a lot of encouragement from friends and complete strangers on the internet (which you should always trust). I KNOW this episode isnt the best in quality... i recorded all my previous episodes off my phone, and halfway through the making of this one i got a fancy microphone, and the leap between the two mediums is jarring. at least to me it is. hopefully you wont notice and didnt read the preceding sentence before watching. Cool!

Internet Archive's NSFW MATURE SOFTWARE COLLECTION is truly an underrated treasure. Supported by original operating system emulators that will actually run Windows 3.1 in-browser, this collection will have you feeling like a naughty 4th grader messing around on the family computer. to say nothing of the graphic perfection of pixelated Commodore 64 porn. 1000x ill.

i gotta say, for all the inclusive gestures being made in the comic book world, this specific classic hip hop cover variant from marvel is the most seen ive ever felt as a consumer.

LINK DUMP#005 o4/18/2022-04/22/22 ☀ Nothing new under the sun ☀ Medieval Monsters, Archaic Automata, its all OLD STUFF this week at humantooth headquarters.

LINK DUMP#004 o4/O8/2022-04/17/22 Pixels & Tits & Indie Game Dev, oh my!

The Lifecycle of Software Objects

Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang

Click here to read the PDF, or Left-Click and 'Save Linked Content..' to download

A group of software engineers and die hard users struggle to keep the servers running as long as possible for their obsolete neopet-like AI. Written by the author of the source-material for the movie Arrival, a film that -spoiler alert- fucks linear time up the @$$ while taking rusty shears to structural linguistics.
i first found this novella cleverly tucked in the middle of a book of Chiang's short stories, having become obsessed with this Chinese author penning superb scifi that completely omits the Orientalism ive come to expect from Asian authors. Since reading it i've thought back to it many times, which to me is the hallmark of a good story.

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The Sex Robot Show officially has a new home! I'll be uploading a new episode very soon, so keep this page bookmarked if you want to keep tabs on the show. I'll also be adding tons of resources, articles and links to go with each episode in the coming days.

Im also proud to announce I became a neocities supporter, which is how I was able to easily pick up another subdomain site. I really love the neocities & yesterweb communities, where ive received so much support (both traditional and technical). Neocities has done so much to reignite people's passion for learning coding and html, and im happy to have some amount of income that allows me to contribute to projects i truly believe in. It's only 5 bucks a month for all these extra features, and if you can afford it, I highly encourage you to do the same!

LINK DUMP#003 o3/21/2022-04/07/22 The blockchain is burning, however the new MSPAINT allows you to etch-a-sketch a fully-rendered, tepid masterpiece; best to just spend our time online manifesting thicc roman butts into existence.

This is a long one, so Ive made it a separate entry. The TLDR of it is, here's how I wound up working four jobs at once, while still being able to wake up whenever I want, and having enough time to make this dorky websites and a thoroughly researched sexy robot video series, full of charm, wit and gifs.

Humantooth Theater presents: The Jerk

LINK DUMP#002 o3/13/2022-03/2O/22 Hot-n-Spicy: Sexbots as a means of liberation, abuse & judgement! (ft. 1/2 of Outkast)

A virtual 3D gallery space. Available for desktop browsers only.

LINK DUMP#001 o3/06/2022-03/12/22 VR Police, 100rabbits, a killer lightweight OS, & applying indigenous research methods to futures studies.

Yesterday I watched TFW NO GF on kanopy, a streaming service with a pretty fantastic selection (criterion, A24, independent docs). I’ll pretty much watch any feature on internet culture and at first I was pumped for this deep dive into 4chan. The most important question this film raises is

"Where did Charels get his T-shirt?".

Other than that it was… maybe one of the better background fillers of the year, with many instances of single creator produced content far outranking it within this category. Theres something unsettling about wojacks that speak to everyone on a subliminal level and their heavy use of him and all his iterations keeps it interesting.

I mentioned watching TFWNOGF to Clarkford, who returned volley with a link to this article, lovingly titled “Look At What We’re Doing With Your Money, You Dick: How Peter Thiel Backed An 'Anti-Woke' Film Festival" which partly covers the films making in telling the story of Trevor Bazile (above) and the NPCC

TLDR Summary

Watch: Kanopy streaming service
Read: Anti-Woke Film Festival article


Everyday since the new year started I've been working on making videos for my youtube channel, The Sex Robot Show, a project that was based on my thesis. A few days ago, i got yeeted the fuck off the platform. It was really disorienting. At first, I didnt even react; a few days later telling myself I should be happy that it happened sooner rather than later. Tons of people were sending their condolonces, and suggestions to just make another account. But if the whole thing could come crashing down at a moment's notice, and the content certainly wasn't going to change, it just wouldn't be worth the constant stress wondering if all my hours editing would wind up for nought.
And when I say i got yeeted, i mean Im the baby in a Joan Cornelia painting. I cant even view youtube links people send me. I am banished. BA-NEESHED. banísche™-ed. And it's just not worth the effort.

So I've been looking into other platforms, and trying to take it as a blessing in disgusise. While I was getting tons of great feedback, and views faster than I expected, I was a long way off from youtube's monetization goals. I've found an alternative called Odysee that puts content on the blockchain and allows creators to start earning immediately. Obviously the reach is a lot smaller, but it might be a chance for me, to be, in the immortal words of Ice Cube, a big fish in a small pond.

. Im also taking all my weird editing energy and throwing it into making this website for myself.


the video that got me kicked off youtube.

Inside the Disturbing ~and hilarious~ World of NSFW GPT2 | Using GPT-2 and GANs to Generate Adult Content.

HELLA NSFW! Mature Audiences Only!

White Futures and Visceral Presents,
RoboCop and P-Funk

Theory for the World to Come-
Speculative Fiction and Apocalyptic Anthropology
by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer

Click here to read the PDF, or Left-Click and 'Save Linked Content..' to download

fun little essay I found comparing two portrayals of the future, from the past, with different racial perspectives: the rigid, automated and corporate controlled future of an overwhelmingly white Detroit in Robocop vs the super sexy space cadet vibes of George Clintons lyrics. Not bad. Easy and fun to read.

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the largest collection of easy to use GPT-3 apps and programs on the information superhighway. Welcome to Build-a-Bitch.