Three for the price of free, in celebration of the Humantooth Hotglue Library grand opening!
We have for you today,
The FBI's file on Ol Dirty Bastard a fun artifact that will repeatedly evoke images of federal agents, headphone on the shoulder, listening to deep cuts from their surveillance van. Fun extra: In researching a graphic to use for the cover I also found this sick silver gelatin print in the Smithsonian Institute archive, that will outlive us all.
Dismantling the Master(s) Clock(work Universe) an essay from one of the Queens of Afrofuturism, winner of the astronimcally honorable CERN (yes THAT CERN) Artist in Residency program, and founder of Black Quantum Futurism, Rasheedah Phillips.
MORPHO Fat and Skin Folds for the Artist a straight forward guide to drawing non-boring bodies. Step right up and step your game up and dont forget to bookmark the new Library site, so you wont have to scroll through my site to get to all the freebies in the future.


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Episode 3: The Future of Cybersecurity in The Sex Tech Industry: Hacking Sex Robots
Runtime: 19min

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After i got canned from youtube this episode spent a few months collecting digital dust while i doubted whether it would be worth it to continue. Luckily I had a lot of encouragement from friends and complete strangers on the internet (which you should always trust). I KNOW this episode isnt the best in quality... i recorded all my previous episodes off my phone, and halfway through the making of this one i got a fancy microphone, and the leap between the two mediums is jarring. at least to me it is. hopefully you wont notice and didnt read the preceding sentence before watching. Cool!

Internet Archive's NSFW MATURE SOFTWARE COLLECTION is truly an underrated treasure. Supported by original operating system emulators that will actually run Windows 3.1 in-browser, this collection will have you feeling like a naughty 4th grader messing around on the family computer. to say nothing of the graphic perfection of pixelated Commodore 64 porn. 1000x ill.

i gotta say, for all the inclusive gestures being made in the comic book world, this specific classic hip hop cover variant from marvel is the most seen ive ever felt as a consumer.

LINK DUMP#005 o4/18/2022-04/22/22 ☀ Nothing new under the sun ☀ Medieval Monsters, Archaic Automata, its all OLD STUFF this week at humantooth headquarters.