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im fixing it.

this is intended to be some kind of blog-a-ma-thing. I spent too many formative years on sites like livejournal, myspace, and tumblr, constantly translating days into stories and thoughts into paragraphs for digital ghosts that didnt exist but were always hovering over my shoulder and loving everything i did. And i kinda miss that, making html wonders with the scant skills i had picked up from formatting posts was always satisfying, if tedious. it made me feel like a hacker when I figured out how to divvy up an imagemap or change a cursor into crosshairs... Now the internet is dead and boring, and what isnt on the three or four social media apps is composed out of overworked skeumorphic templates and unnecessary scroll animations. Watch the text appear! such wow!

So thats what this is. A fucking homepage! I wrote every line of html and css (or figured out which parts to copy+paste from other page sources) A treat for me to make, and something for you to read/click. There is the added value that i am excessively passionate about sharing weird, free and rare content i find online. So there's bound to be lots of uploads and links, resources, and other shit you wont find anywhere else (well, besides... where they first were.)

Theres a bunch of other kids that want the weird cracked cyberworld they were promised. You can find other homepages and handcrafted websites on webrings--yes, i said "webrings"--like null, yesterweb (check out their html zines!), and hotline.

ABOUt me

wearer of a thousand and one bad haircuts and in-home dyejobs.


Yes i have like four jobs, but here is my sick ass CV.

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name: chola
age: 10
breed: jack-russell-pug
disposition: sassy

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look at this lil box i made! idk what the fuck i did wrong but if you try to pick it up, it shoots off into the oblivion. have fun!